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My Smart Meeting (MSM) is the best online meeting management tool which we guarantee will revolutionise your business around meetings.

Implementing MSM will help your teams effectively Schedule, Manage, Report, Analyse and Automate all of their business meetings.

The data captured within MSM allows management to review the actual costs of meetings and to identify and drive improvements in the meeting process.

Built on the ServiceNow Platform provides companies with both security and scalability within their business.

MSM easily integrates with MS Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom Video Conference Systems with others coming soon.

Our application can provide over 90% ROI.

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Creating Meetings

All meetings are created within My Smart Meeting including the objectives, invitees, external invitees, meeting type, video platform and location (for face to face meetings).


All meetings that are created in the application are displayed on the users calendar and are colour coded as to their status. Meetings go through several statuses from initially draft through pending, in progress, completed, published and closed.

Action Plan calendar
"We have been using My Smart Meeting within our recruitment team and its really helping us to keep a track of all our meeting actions. It’s very simple to use and integrates well with our MS Teams. Seeing the cost of our meetings, definitely helps us to keep focused on the tasks in hand and will, no doubt, prove to be a valuable tool in terms of saving money and raising operational efficiency."

Meeting Room

Meeting Room is where the meetings are run from and would be shared by the chairperson or the meeting note taker.

Working Plan

Meeting Report

Once the meeting has been completed and all agenda items have been completed or deferred, the meeting record is then ready for publishing and the tasks and actions are ready to be assigned.

Key Performance Data is also available within MSM which provides the ability to analyse and drive continuous improvements within the meeting process.



My Smart Meeting Demonstrations

My Smart Meeting Demonstrations, is a new service we’re providing to everyone with an interest in our application. You’re able to book a 1-hour session with one of our application specialists, where we can guide you through our applications interface, address any queries or help you decide how MSM can transform the way your business operates online. 

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how much does wasted time at meetings cost your business?

how can my smart meeting save time?

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