Meeting Costs and Savings

This page provides the details of the meeting costs and savings and provides details of the challenges and the reported reasons for the wasted time in meetings. In addition, the page also provides a summary of the costs of wasted together with an interactive cost-saving calculator for you to use. We also have provided the details of our standard pricing model.

Meeting Challenges and wasted time

Wasted Time Calculator

How much money could your business save?

My Smart Meeting has developed a cost calculator for meetings. The model below provides you with the ability to use your businesses typical data to instantly view how much money your business is currently wasting during meetings.  Simply change the slider to the percentage of wasted time you believe your organisation has as pointless and misspent time during meetings. . You have the capability to  change the other sliders to select the different attributes unique to your business, This gives you an overall immediate calculation of the predicted money being wasted in your organisation on meetings. The calculator forecasts the potential that could be saved by using My Smart Meeting, therefore helping to drive efficiency improvements with your business meetings.

Standard Pricing Model

My Smart Meeting provides a simple pricing structure for those customers that are existing users of ServiceNow or we can provide customers with a Managed Service offering through our partners.

MSM Admin and Internal User roles have unlimited use of the application to create, manage and report progress of their meetings through to closure, with full audit traceability being provided on a secure platform.

External Users can access meetings they are invited to and can manage their tasks and actions.