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Top 5 ways to improve your online meetings

As more companies turn to remote work, online meetings are becoming more and more popular. However, these meeting can quickly become repetitive and tedious, so it is vital that we improve online meetings to have a smooth meeting experience with maximum efficiency. So, let’s look on how we can improve these online meetings:

Unique meeting invitations

By having unique meeting invitations, you can effectively plan out your meetings for all the invitees. With a meeting invitation you can include what the topics/agendas you are going to cover, as well as a list of who is covering these topics. Organising meetings like this allows any invitee to prepare on the different subjects of the meeting so makes it very crucial to help engage the invitees.

Create meeting agenda’s

Creating meeting agendas is very important, this is because it creates a structure to the meeting that all invitees can see. Using agendas in the meeting really helps create a well-planned out meeting. And having agendas assigned to different invitees is also another great step to ensuring different team members can get involved and engage within the meeting. This also helps them prepare for their agenda topic as well.

Sharing documents

Using Shared documents within meetings is another great way to engage each user in the meetings. These can be things such as diagrams, spreadsheets, presentations etc. By doing this everyone is on the same page about all the information you are talking about during the meeting.

Unnecessary Attendees

Joining meetings that are unnecessary can be a huge waste of not only the attendees time but also company time. Companies waste so much money a year paying for attendee’s time on meetings that could have been avoided. Therefore, by reducing the unnecessary invitees it will not only save time and money, but it will also help the flow of the meeting.

Meeting follow up reports

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